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Brynnen Callahan


A home is defined when it’s tailored to you and your lifestyle. 


At Brynnen’s House, we excel in creating beautiful and unique designs specific to each of our clients. 


From optimizing your home’s layout to curating quality materials, fixtures, and artwork, our design process highlights the innate charm of your home while infusing it with functionality, comfort, and style.

The alchemy of your project begins with a collaborative, organized design experience centered on bringing your personality and priorities forward. We hone in on a beautiful design by caring for the details so you can experience an entirely new way of living.


Whether you’re relocating to a new city or reimagining your current home’s design, let’s come together in bringing your vision to life.



Brynnen Callahan is an award-winning Interior Designer with two decades of professional design experience. Her extensive portfolio of design work includes international projects for hospitality’s largest brands including Rosewood Hotels & Resorts, Starwood/Marriott, & Accor.

Brynnen brings unparalleled creativity to every design project, layering eclectic aesthetics with modern functionality to create stylish homes that reflect each client’s personality.  


Outside of her work, Brynnen can be found on a ballroom dance floor (her favorites are Samba, Waltz, and Salsa), baking scrumptious desserts, off scouting for vintage furniture, or volunteering at the local food bank. 

Creating a home that’s

perfectly tailored to you

begins here. 


A Tailored Design Consultation is an in-home collaboration where we’ll dive deeply into your current experience of home and discover the full potential of your space. 

Receive professional insight and expertise to bring your natural aesthetic forward and maximize function

Identify opportunities to infuse your home design with effortless style & flow

Begin a collaborative process to identify what extraordinary living means to you

Contact us to schedule your Tailored Design Consultation and take the next steps towards designing an optimal life in your home.

Get in touch!

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